Sustainability, Shipping, and Packaging Will Be Hot Topics at the Natural Products Expo

The natural products industry is exploding, and what better way to learn about it than at The Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore in September? As the market grows, so does the Expo, providing great opportunities for companies to learn how to improve the ways in which they produce, package, and ship their products.

Whether you are new to the industry or operate an established brand, you know how important the shipping process is for natural products. Every brand wants to protect its products’ integrity during the fulfillment and shipping process and do so in a cost-efficient and environmentally sensitive way.

To maximize your time at the show — and leave with a better idea of how to brand, package, and transport your natural products — here are some topics to look out for.

Shipping Sustainability

The natural foods and products market and sustainability go hand-in-hand, and sustainable shipping is one of the biggest challenges for the industry. The shipping method you choose has a big environmental impact.

As a general guideline, the more product that can be shipped at once, the better. In other words, the larger the shipment size, the smaller[JM1]  the environmental impact (and cost) on a per-item basis. The speed of shipping often matters, too. Slower is usually better. But remember, while “slower” ground shipping is generally cleaner than other transport modes (such as Overnight Air), it still affects the environment.

Finding ways to ship less is always best. Just keep in mind, if you find your shipping costs are going down, you are likely making more sustainable choices.

VIProcure is committed to working with you to find the best eco-friendly shipping solutions for your business. Come visit us at Booth #6426.

Less and Smarter Packaging

One of the resounding themes of the Expo is the importance of packaging. In order to convey your brand’s image, the right packaging is clearly very important. But it is also about more than just looks; you need to be sure your orders arrive to customers in good shape and as intended.

Choice of material is important. For example, if you can ship using less plastic, it will have less impact on our environment. The right AMOUNT of packaging materials and the most appropriately sized box are important decisions as well. Using too much packaging is wasteful and adds unnecessary costs.

As with shipping, if you find your packaging costs are going down, you are probably making more environmentally friendly choices overall.

We recommend you check out the Packaging Workshop: Optimize Your Branding, Packaging and Certifications for insight at the Expo.

Innovation and Growth

The natural products industry is a relatively new one, and it continues to evolve rapidly. The options for packaging and shipping are growing fast, too. It’s always a good business decision to talk to experts about their areas of expertise — and shipping is what does best. Stop by Booth #6426, and we’ll provide a no-obligation analysis that’ll help you make your shipping operation more eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

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