Getting lower shipping rates is easy.

This is the best way to lower your parcel shipping rates. You can’t do better on your own. Unsure? We’ll show you in writing. And, your lower rates appear right on your carrier invoice from the very first shipment.

This is not a discount program. You are part of an agreement providing guaranteed rates. No rebates, volume commitments, or third parties – you are still billed directly by the carrier.

We understand you hear from a lot of shipping “experts” who claim to be able to save you money. Maybe they can – but it’s still worth a conversation with us to see if we can do better.

All we need is a short talk to ask a few questions (and answer yours as well). We let you know what you can save in about a day – and you’ll be shipping with your new rates soon after. We’ll also provide full ongoing support to make sure you save what we say you will. There are no costs – only savings if you sign up.

Ready to See Your Savings?

See What You Can Save Right Now

You can access the necessary data on your carrier’s website. Simply download a minimum of 1 month’s shipping history and attach it here. We’ll run our analysis right away and tell you what you can save.

    Your data is kept in complete confidence and is only used for the purpose of your savings analysis. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us right now – (321) 465-6152.