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Saving 28% on your small parcel shipping is hard, but we understand you’ll have questions.
Here are the most frequently asked questions we get.

How much time will it take?

To see what you can save, and start saving, takes just a few minutes of your time. We’ll lead you through a quick series of steps that do it all. Check out what our customers are saying if you have any doubts.

Are we getting locked into a contract?

No. Use your new rates only when you want and it makes sense for your business.

Savings predictions are great, but what if the results are not there?

If you don’t save what you expect, then stop. There’s no obligation from you at any point. Period.

Are there upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs to you. See what you can save with no risk or obligation. If we can’t save you money, we’ll tell you right away.

Can I keep my carriers?

The program is carrier dependent, so there will be some changes you need to make. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy.

How does VIProcure make money?

We get paid only when our customers save money. So, our incentive is clear and aligned with yours.

Can you help with contracts that were just signed?

Yes, there is no need to wait for any current agreements to expire. In fact you can use your new rates as often or as little as you want.

Invoice Audit

How much will we save?

Customers see up to 5% or more in hard savings off their small parcel spend, with up to another 7% in soft savings. Our incentive is aligned with yours since we are only paid as a percentage of your realized savings.

How much does it cost?

We only charge when you see actual hard-dollar savings. Everything we do is transparent and easily measured. If you don’t see big refunds, there’s no cost. Your interests and ours are completely aligned to maximize your refunds.

Will hiring VIProcure for audit affect my carrier relationships?

Nope, this is money the carriers know they owe you. Yet, they make it hard for you to know when they do and even harder to get it. We help you figure it out and recover what is yours. No shipper can do this on their own.

How much of my time does the process take?

The process is largely automatic from your perspective. Using your weekly shipment summary, we do our thing.  What you see is a normal invoice each week that includes all your shipment detail and savings.

How do I know I’ll save money?

Simple. A free 30-day test where we do the work, and you keep all the savings, will tell you all you need to know. We charge nothing for it and it’ll show you in real terms that the process works.

Are you just a freight payment company?

Definitely not. We’re experts at understanding rate agreements, which is how we are able to recover the largest refunds. We are also technology company and provide customers an online dashboard and other tools that allow them to make good use of the insight and big data that come out of this process.

How do we know you are finding everything we are entitled to?

Aside from having the incentive of only being paid when we do, we are experts at small parcel rate agreements. We dig deep to make sure we are capturing every possible refund. Each company’s rate agreement is unique, so it’s important to have experience knowing what to look for. We do this successfully week in and week out for 100s of customers.

Am I locked into a contract?

Nope, you can cancel at any time. It’s as simple as that.

Do we lose control of our shipping data?

No, it’s yours. You’ll have access and control of all your shipping data through an online dashboard. Better yet, our process creates a lot of useful additional information about your shipping operation. We can even help you turn that data into actionable insight that will improve everything about how you ship.

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